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A ready-made lifestyle,

designed to bring people together

We're proposing a new way of living, not just a place to live but an entire lifestyle - one that puts the residents of the building at the heart of everything - welcome to community living.

During the Covid-19 pandemic many of us found ourselves isolated and without personal connection. As we move into a post-pandemic world we have highlighted a growing desire for people to re-connect and socialise, leading us to design a residential building that will satisfy every need of those living within it and accessibility to the wider Salford and Manchester lifestyle.


Our plans include a vast and varied mix of amenity spaces, designed to help our tenants to meet like-minded people and build commonality through shared experiences and interests. We intend to introduce an environment that joins up living, working and socialising all under one roof.


Diverse living spaces, each with their own front door

Our vision is to offer a plug and play lifestyle,  across a range of private living options:

1. Co-living studios for people who want to try out the lifestyle available in the building with an affordable rental cost

9 floors containing 261 fully furnished, intelligently designed studios with smart storage to maximise space, fully fitted kitchen, bathroom and bills included.

2. One and two bedroom high-rise apartments for those making a step up from studio living to an apartment

15 floors containing 126 one and two bedroom apartments with high specification kitchens, bathrooms and all bills included.

3. Luxury penthouse apartments with the best views in Salford Quays 

x15 boutique 2 bedroom apartments with luxurious finishing touches, high specification kitchens, bathrooms and all bills included.

Whether our tenants are occupying a luxury penthouse, an apartment, or a co-living studio, the amenities on offer are available for everyone to enjoy.


Introducing Salford’s 30th floor sky bar

At the very top of our Clippers Quay development you will find a new world-class destination; a publicly accessible sky bar over the top two floors.


With unrivalled vistas across Salford Quays, members of the public and our tenants alike will benefit from having Salford's first and only sky bar right on their doorstep. A public reception and private elevator allows for a dedicated entrance to the 30th floor.

 Clippers Quay is ideally located near to Exchange Quay Metrolink tram stop, this combined with our plans to create a new boardwalk, ensures that the sky bar will be easily accessible from across Greater Manchester.


A modern design with a historic influence

With a unique quay-side setting, Clippers Quay will add a new and iconic landmark to Salford’s skyline.

To achieve this, our design is driven by a desire to re-introduce the industrial scale and monumentality of the working buildings that were once commonplace around the Quays.

The first 11 stories have been purposefully designed to represent the dockside warehouses, with red bricks and dark grey balconies, a nod to the area’s industrial history. Meanwhile, the upper tower element maintains a lighter feel with a reflective quality, acting as a beacon for the development.

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