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Proving the community concept in mental health cafe Feel Good Club, bringing people together to share experiences and support mental wellbeing. 

What makes community living different to the current market?

Those new to the area often arrive without an  established social network within their new home city, meaning it can often be lonely for new locals. Connecting our future tenants with an amenity rich living space and opportunities to meet at Clippers Quay solves the social problem; community living allows them to move in and instantly access a world of social opportunity. 

Successful urban areas such as Salford are seeing an influx of talented people from across the world. Cities have responded by delivering more city-centre residential accommodation, but these are often focused on the luxury areas of the market, meaning adults at the earlier stages of their career, or on lower incomes, may be forced to live in a less convenient and desirable location. Not with community living, our Clippers Quay development provides a variety of private living options for all.

Our new and exciting way of living moves beyond the outdated house sharing system by catering for the needs of today’s society, freeing up existing housing in the area for families that would otherwise be priced out of the market.

Who does community living appeal to?

Community living is open to anyone looking to access a live, work and play lifestyle under one roof.


 The concept of community living is likely to hold the strongest appeal with the Gen Y & Z demographics, those who have grown up in a digital era, who have come to expect plug and play connectivity in every aspect of their life. Their lifestyle is on demand from subscription services to renting across various aspects of their life, not just property. Our plans support this need, with Clippers Quay providing a ready-made lifestyle within the scheme.

Education and academic performance are very important to Gen Y & Z and they carry this drive and ambition forwards into their careers. We expect that our demographic will be transitioning from their studies to professional life, establishing themselves in their careers, or moving to Salford due to a change in circumstances such as a new job. Clippers Quay will appeal to people in every stage of life, offering affordable starter co-living style apartments, high quality large apartment and luxury penthouses throughout the building.

Our future tenants may also use the community on offer to collaborate and network, with many being digital nomads, or freelance workers. Manchester and Media City are amongst the fastest growing tech hubs in Europe, making Clippers Quay the ideal place to live and commute, to tap into a world of career opportunities.

The amenity rich scheme brings a wealth of lifestyle options to meet the needs of our demographic, from on-property food and beverage outlets, to health, wellbeing and leisure facilities, ensuring the building meets their on-demand lifestyle. 

Affordability is also a driving factor in this scheme, our potential tenants are budget driven and want a package deal with everything included. As such the amenities on offer in the building will be included in the cost of the accommodation, meaning we can back up our plug and play concept with tangible benefits and allow tenants to dip their toe into community living before they commit to putting down more permanent roots.

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